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Awaken – by Grace

Hello everyone

Hope you all doing well.

I just wanted to promote my friend’s blog today.

She really has a good heart and she finally decided to start writing her blogs. I can not be more proud.

She has to date only wrote 2 pieces so far but they have been real inspired pieces from the ❤️.

Please go check her out at or awaken-by grace
Hope you like it.

Love to all

Do you feel yourself slipping?

Lets pray for rain

Well with some water restrictions not being lifted here in the Western Cape, everyone is just hoping for rain to come. Our dams have been at an all time low and its been a hard summer for us all I think.

Most of the country this summer has gotten this insane rain days and even some banks overflowing. It was so weird to see. Here on this part of South Africa it was as hot as can be, but in other parts it was storming. How we all wished it was raining here too.

Lately some radio stations have even had this rain dance competition or something going to pray for rain.

Well God has blessed us with enough rain for what we need. It has not been storming or anything like that, but I like to believe God gives us just enough for what we need. I know it might sound like some blind faith from my side. But with all this weather stuff happening I really have come to appreciate the winters more and its rain.

I do believe more rain soon to come…watch this space:)

A Healthier 2017 , update

Well so its been over 2 months now since my last blog about this.


Well what has happened since then:


  • I have completed 9 park runs. Well its going better. I had my best time of 00:56:59, that was like 2 park runs ago. I am still trying to improve on that. But I am going for park run number 10 tomorrow, so lets see how that goes.
  • I have lost the fitness pall. I think the admin just got to much and I didn’t do it as frequently as I should. So losing days and not weighing in ,kinda made the app redundant for me. I mean isn’t the point is to see my progress. So I am not using that anymore.
  • Well the Pilates is still going strong. Month 3, and I feel stronger and the exercising is going so much better.

Well as you can see other than the app, I am still going strong with my fitness. I mean I do feel the difference. Taking the stairs I not so straining on my lungs as much anymore. So there is some improvement. Now I just need to beat my personal best time, then all will be happy in the world.


P.s did Park  run 10 yesterday and i beat my best time. Whoopeee. My new personal best is 54.52. I could not believe it. We walked hard and my legs were aching…but we did it.

Am i not entertained???

So for some reason I have been swallowed in by YouTube. I never could understand the craze, but now I do.

So what have I been watching on YouTube lately.


I have been watching how these service men(Marines,navy, army) men and women return to their families after a deployment. I mean I do not really know why I watch this, I mean I am not even an American. But I have so much respect for these families and these men and women who are doing this insane service for their country and their families really just need to stand strong. I can imagine how difficult this is and how much strength these families should have to actually go on everyday. How mothers or fathers technically have to be a single parent  while their partner is overseas fighting to protect their country,  but still learning their kids value , respect and love for one another, make sure their service husband/wife do not need to worry about their families at home. I mean how can you not have respect for these families. How can you not admire their strength and their support system they have(if any).  I mean I have watched a lot of videos now but each video has touched me. Where a father returns to his toddler, where they do not at first recognize them, but as soon as they recognize who they are, they just have this bright smile on their faces, to where a father/mother returns to their teenage son/daughter and these kids just break down crying. I mean can you even imagine what they must be feeling(relief,happiness,love). Its insane to think about this. I mean I can not stop watching this happiness of a father/mother/son returning home. I mean as a family member, you just want everyone in your family to be safe. To think they are somewhere something could happen to them, can push any stress level up. I just want to say , I have the utmost respect for these marines/naval officers/army men and women out there and their families. Know that you are making a difference ,although the world does not always show it, you do make a difference.



I came about this Youtube channel yesterday. It is about the Bailey Family. Mother(Brandey), father (Jeremy) and their 5 children. Firstly what caught me was that they are in inter-rational couple and family. What I also learned about Brandey was that she is someone that has suffered abuse and she has admitted also that this is something she is still dealing with. Which I respect, because people always just think you have said it out loud now, now its over. But she admits that this is something she still works through and that she and her husband communicates about things she feels awkward about. And I think this a good indication of love and respect for one another. I mean I do not think everything is perfect for this family. I mean Jeremy having been married before and having kids from that marriage . I do not think their lives are easy. But they make it work at best they can. Respect for them.


I have watched some adoption videos as well. Where families go all the way to China to adopt. What I have learned from a blog I have been reading (Mix and Match Mama – I will talk about this blog later sometime), is that adoptions from China is hugely children who has some kind of medical problem or disability (which I also find very interesting). But I have watched a lot of videos about adoptions as well as like local adoptions and its just so beautiful how these family open their hearts to their kids. And these kids just deserve to be loved and feel safe.

I have watched videos about the random celebrities as well.


But I do love an inspiring video. Something that gives one hope that there isn’t just all this hate and possible wars in the world. Life has happy moments and we need to see more of that.

Did you hear that?

Heard the sound of gunshots again.

Is this the new normal? People fearing for their lives, kids growing up with that fear – you do not know what tomorrow will bring?

It scares me that these kids , that these families have to be afraid. They are innocent in all this. Why do they have to suffer because kids want to be ” men”?

I mean the things I have seen, the stories I have heard. I can not believe these families have to go through this on a daily basis. I mean the society creates the adults ,it seems.

When will things become safer. Things just go quiet …and then all of a sudden something happens again that flares up the violence again.

Please stop ,please think of the kids that have to see all these things happen. Please think of what future they will have. Please let them have one…

Children are our future, their lives as children should be easy, it should be safe. 


This has been a word that has been on my mind today.So I thought I would go and read up about it.

Me personally that have suffered and probably still struggling from depression , it has never occurred to me, that there are facts and symptoms involved. It has always been such a private thing to me, I never thought further than what I was going through.

What I have learned from reading some articles is that.

  • depression is more likely to happen to women than men.
  • Symptoms are hardly sleeping, constantly feeling sad,feeling worthless,you are fatigued, and you do not want to be around people, you talk about suicide, change in weight

Depression is REAL. It not something someone just made up. This is actually feelings the person is going through.  I mean you can ignore it as much you can, but when someone hurts himself, you can not look away from that. Support and love for someone you care about going through this is always the best policy. But the best treatment is going to see a professional psychologist or psychiatrist.

Treatment would obviously entail medication maybe or clinical treatment.

It scares me actually to think there are people out there that is suffering so intensely from this sickness. And really it is not something that can be fixed overnight. It is a process, a mind change, a lifestyle change.

But for someone going through this, it sometimes such a relief to know what you feeling is a condition. I mean yes depression is sometimes genetic, but sometimes it is caused by other things as well.
But to know you can be helped and treated is such a relief. I mean like I said its a process. But you need to be committed to the process and want to get better. But you need to be honest with yourself and the person treating you because that’s  the only way to deal with it.

But ask for help,or if you know of someone that is going through this, get them help.

Lets be strong and be honest. I hope whoever is dealing with this, feel better soon. Know you are awesome, know you are worth the life that was given to you, and know you are perfect, just the way you are.

Note I just wrote this blog out of personal interest but if you need help, please look for professional help from a doctor or emergency medical staff.

What is in a leader?

This has been the question that has been going around in my head lately.

I mean with all what’s happening in the world lately, what kind of leader would you want steering your ship?

I am thinking do you need a good talker?

What would this good talker do. He would say he would do this and that and that, and makes promises left right and centre but when push comes to shuve, he does nothing.


Do you need a leader that is a people pleaser?

Would you want a leader that basically tries to please everyone but in the end doesn’t please anyone because nothing gets done.


Do you need a leader that just does what they want , who cares what the rest thinks?

I think a leader like this is someone that would get SOME stuff done of course, but there would come times when aggression is not always the best course of action.


Leaders are different in different ways, because people are different. The people that are listening to them , are different.

But should the leader that is leading you, not be someone you are proud of to call  your leader?

Wouldn’t you want someone that inspires you to do better for yourself, your fellow citizen and for your country.

I mean shouldn’t  leaders inspire you to invest more in your country, to create jobs, to help the less fortunate? Would that not make a country grow, and make people grow?


I guess everyone is different. Some people respond better to aggression, others respond better to motivation, loyalty, compassion or love.

But like I said, everyone is different.


For anything to grow, we all have to work together and stand behind a leader that you believe in. Whoever that leader might be.


But be strong, loving, independent and loyal in your growth because we all want world peace in the end:)



A Healthier 2017, I hope

So New Year’s resolutions aren’t my thing really. But this year I thought I just would do something different. Concentrate on my health a bit more and looking after my well being.

So what has that entailed so far?

I have come to learn that there are park runs ALL OVER THE WORLD. Yes the world and there just happen to be ones here in little South Africa as well, SCORE!!!

So we started doing the park run a couple of weeks ago, and when we did it again today it was just so much easier. Which basically means, we getting better at it . So here is to more park runs and finishing higher and higher in the ranking.


What else I also started doing is I started using the  Fitness Pall App. Oh my word what an amazing thing. It basically helps you to achieve your goals and telling you how much kilojoules you need to lose to achieve your goal. In my case I want to lose weight. So it put out kilojoules I need ‘use “every day. So the calculation is Goal – Kilojoules for food consumed + exercise for the day = Kilojoules available to consume for the day. I think this is pretty cool really. Because now I can like monitor my intake and how much kilojoules a salt biscuit has.(it is insane how much). But like moving around everyday with my phone adds up the steps I did for the day and that’s all a benefit for me. I like to see things, I’m a visualiser. So if I see something is bad for me, I tend to become more conscious of things. So hopefully it will make me eat more healthier.


What else we have been trying or the class we went to now recently was a pillates class. Well what can I say, I can see how it will help me in the long run, but I am still recovering now from that one class we had, which has almost been a week later.  I haven’t decided if I want to do it full on yet. But hopefully I can get some version of routine going.


So with all the above going on, I went for my annual check-up,all is fine.


So weirdly enough not having any resolution set out in stone for 2017, I am going on okay so far.

But its month 2, I will update in 6 months again and see how far I have come to being a healthier me:)

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